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Altitude: 860 m
Size of farm: 50 hectars


There are only six houses in the village of Zapreval where the Žgajnar farm is situated, and the villagers treat all the guests of the Žgajnars as they would their own. The 200-year-old farmhouse commands a wonderful view of the Kamnik Alps. The evening's activities include sing-alongs, and the Žgajnars love to tell their guests stories and legends of days gone by or teach them herbal lore. The meat, milk products, and vegetables that go into Mrs. Žgajnar's excellent dishes such as štruklji, spiced beef, vegetable soups, etc., are all produced on the farm, as are the beverages served with the meals. The farm has a garden with a pool and playground for children. In the winter the guests can ski on the nearby slopes of Stari vrh. Guests can go hiking in the mountains or visit the nearby medieval town of Škofja Loka. Two highlights of the summer are Charcoal Burner's Day, which takes place on the first Sunday in August, and Lacemaking Day, which takes place in Železniki every year at the end of June.

Access: Škofja Loka-Praprotno-Luša-Zapreval or Poljane-Javorje-Zapreval; waymarks are at Praprotno, an orientation is also the table of the ski slope Stari vrh.


Ski center Stari vrh

Tourist farm is on middle ski slope Stari vrh.



Wellness on tourist farm

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